Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Polka Dot Jeans

Polka Dot Jeans!!!

I know that there are a lot of tutorials for these pants, but I don't like the size of dots the other people used (pencil top eraser). I wanted a bigger dots and I wanted my dots to be further apart. Yes, I'm picky.


- Jeans
- Fabric Paint (I'm using white.)
- Thimble (Or anything else.)
- Iron (Optional)

I already have fabric paint, so I saved some money. But if you don't go to Joann's or Micheals, or whatever craft store - maybe even Walmart? They have it cheap, less than $2 where I live. You should just need one little bottle.

I got my jeans at the Salvation Army (once again) for this project. They were $2.50! Yep, I'm a thrifty shopper.

Then you just take your jeans, I ironed mine so the creases were gone and the job would be easier, and I got out a ruler and a expo marker and dotted the jeans where I planned to put the paint. This helped me not to screw up. I put two inches between each dot. This step isn't necessary.

After I made all the dots with my expo marker, I got out a few different items that I could use to make the dots with paint. I wanted them to be perfectly circular, so I didn't want to just paint them on. I practiced each item on the inside waist to see what they would look like.
I tried the top of a chap-stick, a thicker eraser, and a thimble. The thimble won by far. It was the perfect size and it just did wonders.

I put on all the dots and ta-da! (This is very time consuming - if you strive for perfection like me...)

NOTE: If you smudge a small amount of fabric paint in an unwanted spot, grab a cotton ball or cotton pad and put some nail polish remover on it. Then dab the spot with a bleach pen and let it sit for 10 seconds before wiping it with the cotton. And that should fix it.

If you plan on painting the other side, as well, let the front completely dry!!

According to some fabric paints you may want to lay a different sheet of fabric over it and use an iron to seal the dots on. I did that. I ironed for roughly five minutes - follow any directions on the paint you purchased.

Mhmm, there they are. The beauties <3

 (They're not green - stupid web cam.)

Here, these jeans cost $178.00 
Total Saved: $173.00 (:

Good luck and let me know how yours turn out. I'd love to see a picture!

~ Danielle

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