Sunday, February 24, 2013

Face Tip Friday Post #2


Oh the many uses of this cheap, wonderful product.

  1. It makes eyelashes grow!! Lather it up on your eyelashes overnight and they will thicken. It's wonderful <3
  2. Fixes dry cuticles.
  3. Helps your scent last. If you use perfume, apply Vaseline on those spots and your scent will stick around longer.
  4. VASELINE DOESN'T CLOG PORES!!! Use it on your face to make it reallysoft.
  5. Make up remover. Put it on a Q-Tip and it will remove make up.
  6. It eases eyebrow plucking.
  7. Removes make up stains on clothes.

There you are. Seven great tips for everyday use. (Well...almost.) I hope you find this handy!

Summer Abs!!

We all want them! Just do this everyday. And you'll get the beach body (;